Melih Esen Cengiz

Pigeons of Jerusalem

14 Mart 2016 // AUTHOR:

Pigeons Of Jerusalem

The year is 1917… The First World War continues to bring great destruction to humanity.

The Ottoman state, forced to face serious repercussions of the war even more with every passing day, is suffering heavy losses on the Gaza and Palestinian fronts as a result of violent clashes, and is gradually withdrawing from its lines of defence.

Jerusalem meanwhile is now surrounded.

The people who live in harmony in a multi-faith and multi-national city will not only come up against difficulties that make daily life of the war insufferable, but also the cruelty that even pits children against each other.

The more the siege tightens its grip, the more friendships will be tested and betrayals will come to light.

The Pigeons of Jerusalem tells a vivid tale of the days leading up to this siege from the eyes of Orhan, the young son of the Jerusalem Station Commander Ferik İsmail Sururi Paşa; at the same time allowing the reader to breathe in the air of a bygone era with characters including Yaver Halit, the children of the Parliament of Stones, Karnik, Madam Mahmure, and the crested gold pigeon Sultan.



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